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"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." ― Ronald Reagan

Information about the organization

Unified Identification Code/Number (UIC): 206287737
Date of announcement: 05.11.2020

Legal form

Registered address and head office:
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Sofia (capital city), Stolichna Municipality
Location: Sofia, 1680, Krasno selo District
47 Pirinski prohod Str., entr. V, fl. 1, ap. 1

Key aims and objectives
To Promote the development of all American sports in Bulgaria – Ice hockey, Baseball, American
football, Basketball, Volleyball;

To create and assist federations, sports clubs, youth and school sports teams in the respective kind
of American sport with the recruitment of children, the development of coaches, sports referees,
sports managers;

To protect the interests of supporters of American sports, defending and fighting for: public forms
and places for practicing these sports by all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria, regardless of their
age, social status, gender, religion, political beliefs, physical disabilities; public access to tickets for
competitions for all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria, including those with the lowest social status
and the lowest income.